A more efficient way to develop drugs.

By dedicating a new, independent company to each drug, Dauntless offers a better, faster, and less expensive way to develop pharmaceutical drugs. Each company has the benefit of Dauntless’ expertise in drug development, finance, business development, and manufacturing.


Rapidly Advance Your Project

  • You can be up and running very quickly, without incurring fixed costs or wasting time and money recruiting personnel for a single drug.
  • The Dauntless team can speed up and manage licensing, company formation, and fund raising through its expertise and connections.


Each Company with a Single Focus

  • Your drug is the sole focus of your company — there are no other assets competing for capital or priority.
  • It’s your asset, and stock in your company will not be diluted by someone else’s project when it’s time for a sale or an IPO.


Your Team and Partner

  • We understand and respect the motives and vision of inventors and entrepreneurs because we’ve done it ourselves.
  • Because our asset companies are not bound by existing corporate structures, we have unique flexibility to optimize based on the specific needs and requirements of inventors, companies, and academic institutions.