Dauntless provides a better way to develop drugs.

The traditional biotech company holds numerous assets at various stages of development, and its investors, management, labs, and staff collectively share interest in all company assets.  In contrast, Dauntless uses a one-asset, one-company model. Each asset is held in a separate holding company, with Dauntless managing the development of each asset and employing expert consultants who specialize in the unique requirements of a given asset. This innovative approach facilitates operational efficiency, drug development speed, and a simplified business development structure. The result: lower costs, shorter timelines, higher returns.

Dauntless encourages creative deal structures that advance pharma assets.

We welcome deal structures that enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to realize the value of assets faster and more cost effectively. Together with our financial partner, Sofinnova Ventures, we can raise the capital for clinical development of your drug without challenging internal resources. With clinical success, the licensor can regain control of the asset via a win-win structure. This enables companies to leverage a broader array of assets without the risks associated with divestment. We provide options that are not available under traditional out-licensing.

Dauntless asset companies are structured to optimize focus on asset development.

Because Dauntless has an experienced team in place, we can move faster to advance drugs into and through the clinic. Each asset company has a capital structure optimized for the development of its own asset; there’s no competition between assets. This further speeds the development process, as there is no internal backlog or de-prioritization. Inventors are guaranteed their asset is the sole focus of their company.

Dauntless strives to optimize returns to inventors and investors.

Our partnership with Sofinnova Ventures enables us to raise capital quickly to develop specific assets. Our management is exceptionally experienced at launching and funding new biotech companies and has a broad network of relationships throughout the venture capital community. Dauntless’ partner companies are unique in that each asset gets top billing and its own pool of capital. This eliminates the common biotech problem that only the lead asset gets valued. Investor interests are inherently aligned with the product being developed, and inventor interests aren’t diluted by other programs. As a result, Dauntless can sell or partner assets more efficiently because acquirers don’t have to unwind portfolios or absorb personnel they don’t value.